About us

I would like to present to you the most comfortable High Heels ever and a fashionable new shoe accessory called Heel Caps.

Shanks is “Always on Trend” - A unique shoe accessory for the fashion conscious woman.

Allow me to tell you how it all started. My Heel Caps are a completely new shoe accessory that came out of my own personal desperation in dealing with uncomfortable high heels and the never ending story of slipping out of my shoes. Our feet react a lot to temperature changes and you only notice it wearing high heels when all of a sudden you start to slip out. I got tired of it and needed a way to virtually tie my shoes on to my feet. Since I could not find anything like it on the internet I developed my own solution, “Heel Caps”. The modular Heel Caps are high quality, exchangeable covers for the rear quarter of the high heel and work together with exchangeable bands which offer you extra security. The many different colors and styles give you the opportunity to match them with your outfit and change it up as your mood strikes you.

Along the way I thought I should make a comfortable classic high heel to go with them because most heels after several hours tend to hurt. A favorite pair of shoes gets worn very often, and let’s be honest it is a bit boring always wearing the same color. Now I can wear my Heels pain free for several hours and don’t have to worry about slipping out. Women are always amazed by the high level of comfort. They are the little black dress for your feet that always fit your outfit.

Founder & Design of Shanks Shoeware: Ines Shanks

Heel Caps

With the innovative Heel Caps the high heels fit every outfit! Heel Caps are exchangeable high quality leather covers for the rear quarter of the high heel, handmade with special care. Advantages of Shanks Heel Caps:
• A wide choice of different colors and patterns. Accessorize high heels in an instant – just the way you like it!
• Provides stability and optimal footholding – prevents slipping out of the shoe
• Material protection at the rear part of the high heel – no wearing off when driving



Ultra Comfortable High Heels

We have created the most comfortable, handmade high heels you could ever imagine. Our heels, crafted with high-quality, handmade leather from Portugal, are specially designed to to look beautiful and feel comfortable even after hours of standing and walking.

Classic 9 Classic 12
Ultra comfortable fit Ultra comfortable fit
3 1/2 inch heels 4 inch heels
3/8 inch platform 1 1/2 inch platform



Handmade anklets to use with the innovative Heel Caps. Our leather anklets are exchangeable high quality leather bands, handmade with special care. Advantages of Shanks Anklets for Heel Caps:
• Provides stability and optimal footholding – prevents slipping out of the shoe
• A wide choice of different colors and patterns. Accessorize high heels in an instant – just the way you like it!


How are they made?

The leather forms to the wearer’s foot, giving extra comfort, hold, and security. This feature limits the need to grip onto your heel with your toes. The hidden platform creates the perfect angle for your foot and making your strides comfortable. The combination of a thick padded leather insole and a non-slip outer sole ensures that the wearer has the perfect grip, the shoe's wide toe gives your toes enough space to breath and prevents cramping.
Who are they for?

These heels are a perfect complement to every outfit, from jeans to business wear to your favorite evening dress. As if that's not enough, they can be customized with our heel caps and anklets to created hundreds of different styles that will keep the shoes secured to your feet — no need to worry about your heels slipping out of your shoes!



Miriam Geiregger – Anchor Woman, Speaker, Business Woman

Miriam about Shanks Shoeware: „I am constantly away on business and on a regular basis wear High Heels which hurt my feet quite often. Through a twist of fate I was introduced to Shanks Shoeware and I love the system, the variations and the multifacetedness.

For me the most important thing is ... a good looking shoe which I can wear all day long without being in pain. This is exactly what Ines Shanks combines in her shoes.

In the meantime there is much more connecting us than just the shoe, there is also a wonderful friendship. YES, they exist; shoes for living and these Shanks are a inseparable part of my life. Thank you Ines.”


Sandra Seidl – Miss Earth Austria 2012, Model

Sandra about Shanks Shoeware: “For me being a model it is very important to have a classic high heel that I can use for any job or casting. Since I have a pair of Shanks High Heels I feel extremely safe and comfortable. I was amazed by the level of comfort and the endless variations which are possible with using the innovative Heel Caps from Ines Shanks.”





Verena Resch – Austrian entrepreneur

CEO of PAM (

Verena about Shanks Shoeware: “Being a business woman, high heels are a daily must for me. Depending on the type of shoe the pain level varies. Ines and I have known each other and worked together for many years. When she told me about her painless, super comfortable high heels and creation of Heel Caps I was skeptical. But I have to say after trying them on I was 100% convinced that Shanks High Heels are the most comfortable high heels out there. I find especially that the unique design of the Heel Caps gives you endless fashion options. When I buy shoes the quality and materials are a major decision maker and buying Shanks I know that I buy handmade shoes made in Europe out of great leather.”

(c) Ines Shanks 2018